Broadband Stimulus Plan

As the US Government works on the release of the next stimulus $1.9 Trillion relief plan to support many Americans, part of the recent approval in December is to provide $7B in funding for Broadband connectivity. A portion of the $7B includes $3.2B for a $50 p/mo emergency broadband benefit for people who have lost their income during the pandemic. Though the logistics need to be finalized on how to administer the program, the FCC is seeking public comment on how best to distribute the funding and hopefully a plan identified this month. The impact of the funding will keep Americans connected for online learning and job searches, and in many cases support new startup and entrepreneurs looking to venture into business.

Within the $7B denoted above, earmarked is $1B in grants for Tribal and rural broadband programs focusing on those parts off our country’s hardest to reach areas. This funding shall support studies and the needs of connecting tribal communities.

Michael Murdock, VP Fiber Group, brings over 25 years of Telecom experience overseeing numerous wireless and fiber network deployments from the carrier to the vendor side of the business. Michael’s expertise in telecom management and operations has seen him start new lines of telecom business and markets, and he has been instrumental in several telecom mergers and acquisitions within the U.S. and the Middle East. Mike’s focus over the past five years has been on outside plant engineering and its application within the wireless technology. He is located in Scottsdale, AZ.