Industry 4.0, Private LTE and 5G networks provide a unique combination of secure, reliable, high-speed connectivity to transform the enterprise space.

Strategic Consulting

As a wireless technology leader for over 15 years, GTA has helped numerous CSP’s, Enterprises and Public Sector clients to navigate the challenging wireless space and provide consulting services for their growth and progression. Our cutting edge industry experience in 5G, AI/ML, IIoT, Automation, Private Networks and Industry 4.0 provides a broad spectrum of strategic consulting services that can support organization of all level.

  • Technology Evaluation
  • Partner eco-system evaluation
  • Wireless solution and enterprise IT integration
  • STRATEGY planning / ROI Analysis
  • 5G, CBRS, WiFi, LiFi, Mesh, RFID, Bluetooth Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) platforms
  • Industrial Automation
  • Big data analytics and advanced algorithms

Smart Cities

Smart cities rely on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and aim to improve the quality of services by managing public resources and focusing on comfort, maintenance, and sustainability. 5G and LTE Private wireless mobile networks enable cities to offer a new kind of communication network that connect everyone and everything providing a cohesive smart infrastructure. At GTA we are engaged in creating a future ready smart ecosystem by providing support in network connectivity and service enablement.

Use Cases: Smart Lighting, Autonomous Vehicle Mobility, Smart Traffic Control, Smart Waste Management, Surveillance and Security, Smart Infrastructure and Support

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Wireless networks are changing rapidly, with wide scale 5G upgrades in progress. GTA has the expertise to consult, build and operate networks with the latest technologies utilizing our best-in-class engineering and implementation services.

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Analysis and Optimization of Existing Network and Migration Planning
  • Designing RAN, Transport and Core Networks
  • Network Implementation & deployment including Commissioning, Testing and Optimization
  • On-going Network Operations Support and Managed Services


GTA offering includes full product lifecycle support for IoT Network Deployment, Service Performance Testing and Monitoring to enable operators efficiently manage IOT applications for enterprise & consumer space on their network. We specialize in the network that enables IoT, including:

  • 5G and LTE
  • WiFi, LoRaWAN, SigFox and RFID
  • Bluetooth
  • LPWAN and VSAT

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation pulls together IoT devices along with commercial 5G, and private LTE and 5G wireless networks to automate factories. Industrial-grade private wireless solutions deliver reliability, low latency, and flexibility to next generation factories. GTA’s offering includes OEM vendor selection along with private wireless network design, deployment, validation, optimization and on-going operational support.

  • Highly secure with built-in encryption and authentication
  • Reliable coverage across large campus facilities, indoors and outdoors
  • High user and device capacity
  • Extreme flexibility for changing factory lines, equipment, and devices

FirstNet Story


The FirstNet mission is to deploy, operate, maintain, and improve the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. Having access to a high-speed broadband and communication network is critical for the operation and safety of our First Responders. The First Responder Network Authority is creating a dedicated and differentiated broadband communications experience that transforms public safety operations to save lives.

GTA is a key partner with the FirstNet program and provides engineering and project management services that are helping to expand the FirstNet broadband and critical communication services across the Nation.

Based on our vast experience working on the FirstNet program, here are some of our services to our Government and Federal agencies.

  • Strategic Network Planning
  • Network Assessments and consulting
  • In-building and Outdoor 5G Network Design, Optimization and Deployment
  • Program Management
  • Network Operation and Monitoring

FirstNet Story